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Our Curriculum

Community Public Charter School is founded on the belief that the Core
Knowledge Sequence, which we will utilize in full, will create a rigorous
and exciting learning atmosphere that will produce effective communicators,
lifelong problem solvers, and engaged and informed American citizens.

Through the delivery of a classical curriculum through the Core Knowledge
Sequence for reading, science, and social studies instruction and Singapore
Math for math instruction, we will nurture well-rounded, highly educated,
successful scholars. This curriculum is both deep and wide in its approach
to learning, calls for cross-curricular teaching and builds on prior
knowledge, encouraging teachers to disseminate the content through
instructional methods that meet the developmental needs of their scholars.

Community Public Charter School will use a strong character education
program, Core Virtues, to raise the level of student performance in all
academic areas. A rigorous cross-curricular approach is the only path to
academic success. Community Public Charter School believes that research and implementation
with fidelity demonstrates that Core Knowledge, Core Knowledge Language Arts
(CKLA), Singapore Math, and Core Virtues are the bedrock of education.

Alongside rigorous core-subject curricula, Community Public Charter School will also implement
daily PE and electives, including Art and Music on a
rotating basis to ensure that our students have the opportunity to learn
about and immerse themselves in other world perspectives, showing them
options and interpretations, thereby freeing them to create their own
interpretations and ideas about the world. To develop scholars who not only
have a wealth of knowledge and a depth of skills but also have the ability
to adapt and apply what they know is the measure of a successful school
because these students will not only achieve academically, but they will
also achieve socio-emotionally because of their appreciation for other
peoples perspectives and theirs is just as valuable as others. In this way,
they’ll feel welcome at the proverbial community table and have ideas,
solutions, and action to contribute.