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News and Videos

CPCS had many new Kindergarten students visit our campus on March 12th!
See some of the Class of 2034 here.

3rd Grade – God Bless America

Mrs. Moore’s class sings God Bless America.

1st Grade – The Pledge of Allegiance with Sign Language

Ms. Mills taught some of our first graders sign language.

Kindergarten – Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

Ms. Cooke’s kindergarten class prepared a seasonal performance from the Nutcracker!

5th/6th Grade Music – My America

For Veteran’s day, the 5th/6th grade music class performed a medley of patriotic songs.

5th Grade – Grand Ole Flag

Ms. Stuckey’s 5th grade class prepared a dance to this patriotic song!

1st Grade – Grand Ole Flag

Mrs. Campbell’s class sings along with their patriotic song for October.
Listen for our remote students in the background singing along too!