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2021-2022 Open Enrollment

Our target population is anyone in North Carolina who desires a rigorous, character strong, quality education in a safe, loving environment.  Make the choice today for your family to attend CPCS, the best elementary school in North Carolina, with students who are among the best and brightest.
CPCS is a student driven school of academic excellence, molding lifelong learners with principled character.  CPCS focuses on American Values and on providing students the skills necessary to ensure their educational, civic, and economic success in life. 
Excellent teachers at CPCS provide high quality learning opportunities for all students.  The CPCS faculty and staff are passionate about their students and they bring enthusiasm into their students’ lives.  CPCS teachers are certified by the State of North Carolina and continually receive extensive training in our curriculum of:  Core Knowledge, Core Knowledge Language Arts, Eureka Math and Core Virtues. 

The enrollment period for the CPCS 2021-2022 academic year is now open with Lotterease.

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Applicant list for each grade level can be found here.

For enrollment questions, please call 704-842-3772 or email: cpcs@lotterease.com